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Unveiling Bakcou’s trailblazing full-suspension fat-tire eBike, meticulously designed for discerning hunters in pursuit of an unmatched trail-riding adventure. The Scout Jäger stands as a testament to innovation in sport riding, promising an elevated riding experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

The beating heart of the Scout Jäger is a precision-engineered Rohloff internal speed hub, not only endowing it with the remarkable capabilities of a Scout but also enhancing the gear ratio for conquering challenging inclines. The internalized gearing system ensures a ride that seamlessly blends comfort and security, positioning the Scout Jäger as the ultimate cross-over sport trail bike.

Crafted with a distinctive geometry and top-of-the-line suspension, the Scout Jäger effortlessly maneuvers through diverse terrains, making it the ideal companion for the adventurous trail enthusiast. The fat tires provide exceptional traction, ensuring a controlled and smooth ride through varied landscapes.

Fueled by an integrated 21-ah battery and optimized cable housing, the Scout Jäger takes your riding experience to new heights. Housing a remarkable 14-speed gear ratio within the robust Rohloff hub, shielded from the elements of rugged terrain, the Scout Jäger stands ready to follow your trail wherever it may lead.

This full-suspension marvel is purposefully designed around the formidable power and performance of Bafang’s ULTRA mid-drive motor, celebrated as the “diesel engine” of fat tire electric bike motors. Complemented by a rear suspension that matches its power, the Scout Jäger ensures stability and durability under demanding loads.

The ULTRA motor is not just powerful; it’s intelligent. Seamless coordination of speed, cadence, shift, brake, and torque sensors provides continuous feedback, delivering unparalleled control. Experience a ride that feels natural and responsive, even when unleashing substantial torque and power.

Tailored for trail-riding in steep, rugged terrain, the all-new Scout Jäger from Bakcou is poised to redefine your adventures. Seize the opportunity to be among the trailblazers, experiencing firsthand the extraordinary capabilities of the Bakcou Scout Jäger – your gateway to the pinnacle of trail-riding excellence!



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