Black Diamond® ATC-PILOT Belay/Rappel Device

Black Diamond® ATC-PILOT Belay/Rappel Device



Gear up with this belay/rappel device for your elevated hunt. Features easy-to-control friction for single rope use.

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Lightweight and reliable, the Black Diamond® ATC-PILOT Belay/Rappel Device is a technological advancement in the realm of assisted braking devices. Providing extra security for your belay and easier rope payout, the ATC PILOT will thread similarly to other tubular belay devices. Its durable, steel braking surface features no moving parts and offers smooth and secure control for gradual lowering from hunting height.

  • Accepts ropes from 8.7 mm – 10.5 mm
  • Controlled lowering
  • Steel Construction
  • Ergonomic, non-slip surface
  • Single rope use
  • Geometry-enhanced braking adds ease and security
  • Easy-to-control friction when lowering
  • Weight: 92 g (3.25 oz)

Made in the USA

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