Black Diamond® STORM 450 Headlamp

Black Diamond® STORM 450 Headlamp


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This powerful, multifunctional headlamp is ideal for early morning low-light conditions and allows you to have light when you need it while keeping your hands free while you climb.

This headlamp is a perfect fit for consumers looking for the most feature-rich device.

Power it with 3 AAA Batteries (included) or upgrade this headlamp with the BD 1500 lithium-ion rechargeable battery and charger


      • Dual-Power: Use either 3 AAA Batteries (included) or purchase the rechargeable BD 1500 lithium-ion battery and charger combo (sold separately) for maximum convenience and dependability.
      • 450 Lumen max output
      • IP67: Waterproof-tested to a minimum of 1.0 meters underwater for 30 minutes
      • PowerTap™ Technology allows for instantly switching between dimmed and full-power modes
      • On-board memory enables you to turn the device on and off at your desired brightness without reverting to a default setting
      • Settings include: full strength in both proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red, green, and blue night-vision, and lock mode
      • Multi-faceted optical efficiency lens technology
      • Weight without batteries (59 g)
      • Weight with AAA batteries (92 g)
      • Weight with BD1500 lithium-ion rechargeable battery (86.5 g)
      • Max Distance: High (120 m), Medium (60 m), Low (12 m)
      • Compatible with the BD 1500 Li-Ion Battery and charger combo (sold separately)
      • Waterproof and Dustproof
      • 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
      • Battery Meter
      • Dual-beam, Dual-switch
      • R+G+B LED

Runtime & Specs (AAA Batteries, included)

  • Low: 6 Lumens, 12 Meters, 175 Hours
  • Medium: 225 Lumens, 60 Meters, 4.5 Hours
  • High: 450 Lumens, 120 Meters, 2 Hours

Runtime & Specs with BD 1500 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (sold separately)

  • Low: 6 Lumens, 12 Meters, 165 Hours
  • Medium: 225 Lumens, 60 Meters, 6 Hours
  • High: 450 Lumens, 120 Meters, 3 Hours

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