CRÜZR Distel/Schwabish Hitch cord

CRÜZR Distel/Schwabish Hitch cord


Trusted by deer hunters nationwide, CRUZR Deer Hunting Saddles provide a lightweight tree stand alternative. Quality. Comfort. Mobility.

Looking for an alternative to the continuous prusik loop? CRÜZR’s eye to eye hitch cord sewn to 20 inches long from Sterling 6mm TRC is the answer! This hitch cord is designed to be used in conjunction with the 8mm oplux tether/lineman’s rope to tie distel and schwabish friction hitches.

Includes a precision robotically-sewn eye to eye cord of high-strength 6mm Sterling TRC with a Technora sheath and nylon core that can be formed into a moveable friction hitch.

Compact form factor and lightweight functionality, this rope is sewn together providing more strength than a knot. Clear tubing allows for easy inspection and protects the stitching.

Manufacturer recommended friction hitch cord for OpLux rope assemblies, this 6mm specialty cord by Sterling features a Technora sheath and a nylon core.

MBS: 3066 LBS

Cord length: 20 inches

Proudly Made in the USA

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