CRÜZR XC Saddle Hunting Super Kit

CRÜZR XC Saddle Hunting Super Kit


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If you want Ultimate Comfort in Saddle Hunting, look no further than the CRÜZR XC™ Hunting Saddle Kit.

Included with this tree saddle system:

  • Our signature saddle, the CRÜZR XC

  • CRÜZR Seeker™ Platform
  • Saddlebag

  • Back-band

  • Tether with Prusik and locking carabiner

  • Lineman’s rope with Prusik and locking carabiner

  • The CRÜZR XC™ hunting saddle now comes standard with an Adjustable AmSteel®-Blue Bridge (in black fibers).

  • Optional Resc Tech Tree Tether & Linemans Upgrade (8 mm tactical ropes are lighter, stronger, thinner, and more flexible making them more packable)

About this Saddle:

The XC™ hunting saddle boasts a pleated mesh Xpansion Chamber™ that when opened adds a whole new level of comfort and cupping for your backside. The XC™ tree saddle is also equipped with quick-release buckles, an adjustable AmSteel®-Blue bridge (black fibers), and two rows of molle loops. The top row of molle loops is loose for ease of clipping in carabiners and other gear. The bottom is a row of flat molle loops that work with all aftermarket molle accessories.

The XC™ is rated for 300 lbs.

Proudly Made in the USA


Size 1 / 28”-33” Size 2 / 34”-38” Size 3 / 38”-42”

Our sizing recommendations do factor in for heavy cooler weather layering.

Seeker™ Platform

We are proud to introduce The Seeker™ Platform by CRÜZR Saddles!

Our engineers kept the CRÜZR standards of comfort and quality in mind while designing the Seeker Platform. With an ergonomically-angled front designed with leaners in mind, the CRÜZR Seeker™ Saddle Hunting platform allows for the user to always have their ankles positioned at a natural and comfortable angle when standing on the platform. Whether standing or leaning in your saddle, you never have to compromise on comfort with the CRÜZR Seeker™!

Includes: Cam-style tree strap


300-lb weight rating.

Weighs: 4.5 lbs

Width: 14.5″

Depth (flat surface): 11.25″

Angled Front: 2.75″

Tested by an independent third-party safety testing facility.

Designed, Manufactured, and Assembled in the United States of America.

Mini-Seeker™ Platform

With an industry-leading ergonomic design and our angled edge for maximum comfort, the long-awaited CRÜZR Mini-Seeker™ foot platform is finally here.

Our newest platform sports a smaller, lighter form factor, making it more packable than ever!

Regardless of which position you prefer to hunt from (sitting, leaning, or in between) the layout of the CRÜZR Mini-Seeker™ allows your ankles to stay at a natural and comfortable angle so you never have to compromise on comfort!


  • Cam-buckle strap included
  • Weight: 3.25 lbs
  • Rated at 300 lbs
  • Slip-resistant traction
  • Adjustable platform angle with an integrated leveling bolt
  • Width: 11.64”
  • Depth (flat surface): 13.17”
  • Angled front: 2.84”

Tested by an independent third-party safety testing facility.

Designed, Manufactured, and Assembled in the United States of America.

Standard Tree Tether and Lineman Rope Option

  • 3/8 ” KM III Kernmantle Ropes from Teufelberger

  • Polyester jacket on nylon core
  • 7.5 ft. of rope with a stopper knot and a heat-sealed end

  • 6” precision robotically-sewn eye reduces bulk

  • MBS 5020 lb.
  • Includes (2) Oval Screwgate carabiners

Includes precision robotically-sewn continuous loops of high-strength 6mm Sterling TRC with a Technora sheath and nylon core formed into a moveable prusik knot and with a climbing-rated lockable screwgate carabiner.

Optional Resc Tech Tree Tether & Lineman Rope Upgrade

Includes both Resc Tech Tree Tether & Resc Tech Lineman Belt

    • Very Durable

    • Enhanced flexibility for packability
    • Aramid jacket on Dyneema core
    • 8 mm Tactical / Rescue rope from Teufelberger with MBS 5200+ lbf.
    • Lightweight rescue-grade rope

    • Abrasion Resistant / Heat tolerant
    • 7.5 feet of rope

    • 6” precision robotically-sewn eye reduces bulk

    • Includes (2) Oval Screwgate carabiners

Terms of use/Liability

Overhead use can cause serious injury or death. The user assumes the risk of elevated use.

Return/Refund Policy

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

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