Resc Tech | Tree Tether – Lineman Rope

Resc Tech | Tree Tether – Lineman Rope


Stay safely connected to the tree.

Please note: All sales for rope are final and non-returnable.

A lightweight and durable rope, RescTech has an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene/Polypropylene blended core and the rope does not take in water. Its Technora® sheath allows for high abrasion and heat resistance.

Can be used as a tree tether or lineman belt.

  • 8 mm Tactical / Rescue rope from Teufelberger with MBS 5200+ lbf.

  • Very Durable

  • Lightweight rescue-grade rope

  • Abrasion Resistant
  • 7.5 feet of rope

  • 6” precision robotically-sewn eye reduces bulk

Made in the European Union.

Includes a precision robotically-sewn continuous loop of high-strength 6mm Sterling TRC with a Technora sheath and nylon core formed into a moveable prusik knot and with a lockable screwgate carabiner.

Alternative friction hitch now available: Looking for an alternative to the continuous prusik loop? CRÜZR’s eye-to-eye hitch cord is sewn to 20 inches long from Sterling 6mm TRC is the answer! If you chose this option for your friction hitch, we will install it for you.

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