CRÜZR Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in our CRÜZR Brand Ambassador Program!

We are excited to offer this program to individuals who are knowledgeable and passionate about our products and/or the industry at large.


Enlist in our ambassador program and enjoy exclusive perks and rewards while promoting brand awareness.

Approved Ambassadors are vetted and approved by us. The following items will be taken into consideration to determine whether or not your application is approved.

  • Reach: We will examine your online presence to determine your viewership and the level of influence you have online. This determination does not eliminate influencers with smaller audiences, but it does acknowledge the link between viewership and quality, and it’s the quality of content you produce that will weigh most heavily in our decision to approve or deny your application. Everyone is encouraged to apply.

  • Authenticity: During the course of our vetting process we will examine the content that you have created in the past. We will be looking for content that clearly conveys your knowledgeability and authenticity. For example, we will be looking to determine that you are the type of content creator who is motivated to produce quality content that clearly displays that you are passionate about sharing useful information and that you, as a creator, are mindful of the experience that your viewership and follower base receives from consuming your content. In other words, we want to be able to see that you are keeping your viewers in mind and that you are giving them quality content and your authentic views. Our authenticity metric is, simply put, directed at insuring that our Ambassadors keep their viewers front of mind. Partnering with us benefits yourself by giving you another way to grow and expand your reach, it benefits us by promoting brand awareness, and most importantly, it should benefit the viewing public by supplying them with informative, high-quality content.

  • Relevance: We will also examine your content to determine that you produce content that is highly relevant to our main product offerings. For example, we are looking to see that your content and viewership is complimentary and relevant to our industry.

  • Ability to educate consumers: As more an more consumers become aware of this niche market, inevitably they will have questions that need answering. As this occurs, they will invariably search online for the answers to questions that they may have. With your skills, you will have the opportunity to get in front of consumers as their natural curiosity about our industry drives them to your content. In this scenario, you acquire a following, the overall size of the market expands, and consumers get the information that they are looking for. It’s a win-win-win.

After your application is approved, you will be supplied with marketing assets which may include logos, other art work, and links that you may use at your discretion.

During the course of your Ambassadorship with us, you will be expected to follow our Ambassador Program Rules and Regulations.

Benefits of participating in the CRÜZR AMBASSADOR PROGRAM include:

  • The ability to grow and expand your reach. We invite you to grow with us.

  • Your content becomes discoverable as consumers search for our product offerings online.

  • Leverage our reach and potentially receive mentions and shares by us, at our discretion, pointed at your content.

  • Qualified Ambassador’s, may, at our discretion, receive complimentary gear and products to be used during the course of your Ambassadorship with us.