Adjustable AmSteel®-Blue Bridge (black)

Adjustable AmSteel®-Blue Bridge (black)



Take your hunting saddle setup to the next level with our adjustable AmSteel®-Blue bridge (in black fibers) that features a spliced eye on one end and a spliced-in stopper knot on the other. The tree saddle bridge attaches to the bridge loops by forming a Prusik knot on one side and feeds through a continuous loop of 5/32 Amsteel formed into a Prusik on the other bridge loop.

The bridge gives you 34 inches of adjustment and the Prusiks, which are attached to the bridge loops, give you the ability to adjust the pressure from the bottom of the saddle to the top.

The loops when loaded will not move, making it ideal to dial in your preferred settings.


  • Main bridge cord with spliced eye and stopper knot
  • Spliced continuous loop

Proudly Made in the USA

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